The Royale SpringHill Residences | Urban Living With Nature

As the first green-certified high-rise apartment in Indonesia, The Royale Springhill Residences offers unique amenities not found in residential. From the lushly landscaped gardens on the ground to the welcome tropical garden at the Sky Garden, eco-friendliness is available at every turn. Our signature Sky Garden will Certainly become your personal retreat of choice from the hectic routine of metropolitan life. Lounge in the café, immerse yourself in a book at the library, a classy gymnasium, hanging clubs and daily spas or simply unwind to stunning views of the golf course, the city and the sea. You can imagine a green housing complex, attractive apartment buildings, remarkable scene, and clean air located in the center of the city, while you can leisurely walk through a quiet garden exercising your body and soul in outdoor fitness & jogging tracks. This singular green concept will succeed where it matters most : YOUR HOME.

The Royale Springhill Residences is dedicated to have aGreen Building Certification by GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia).Here we connect luxury with nature, we proudly present the oasis ofnatural luxury in the midst of Jakarta; whereenjoying the breeze and smelling the flower’s scent in the air are an everyday happenings.Dining under the starry sky and soaking in the cluster of clouds will presentthe experience of neverland.

Personal access is facilitated by exclusive smart cards for your own private elevator that open directly onto your private lobby. Each tower has a 2 level sky garden designed as a combination of a fitness center, swimming pool, spa, sky cafe and library. A floating clubhouse above the pool invites socialites to enjoy appealing scenery. Listen the waterfall lobby lullaby and let it chants away your day. Embrace the new day by watching the sunrise and amusing chaotic morning city life accompanied by breakfast in bad, enjoying the overflowing luxury time in your agenda. The urban forest surrounding the complex creates atmosphere the makes living at The Royale SpringHill Residences truly a tropical paradise.

At The Royale Springhill Residences, we apply the 3R concept (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle).Every single drop of water is precious. Water is recycled to irrigate the delicate plants,which dominates the whole area. The air conditioning system is designed to reduceexcessive heat, and air pollution.The electricity is efficiently designed to meet save energy label. Additionally, the constructionmaterials are also environmentally friendly. All are designed to keep the harmony with nature.

At Royale Springhill, we focus on the tiniest details and matter to ensure that we provideprivilege lifestyle for your sense of art. From the finest room finishes to every kitchen convenience,every resident need not worry about the small things and look forward to simply living lifeto the fullest. Residents at this exclusive development will enjoy unique conveniences such asprivate elevators that will take you straight to your own private lobby, piped-in cooking gas,rooms hard-wired for cable TV and internet access, a Sky Garden equipped with spectacular view,a pool and Jacuzzi, a bar, a lounge for relaxation, and many others.